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Limited Registration Puppy Sales Contract

This puppy is sold only as a puppy to be spayed or neutered. It is recommended to be performed between 6 months and one year. This puppy may or may not have a disqualifying fault that would prevent it from being considered for showing or breeding. If there is a fault, it will not prevent this puppy from living an otherwise normal and healthy life. Because of the nature of this breed, we can give you the expected size of your puppy at full maturity, but this will be our opinion and not a guarantee of size.

Provisions of Sale

Seller agrees to provide health records.  Seller guarantees the above dog to be in good physical health and free from disease at the time of sale. Buyer agrees to have puppy evaluated by their veterinarian within two (2) business days following possession by the buyer. If any signs of illness are found, (parasites, diarrhea caused by changes in diet, stress, travel, etc…), the Buyer must contact Seller immediately. The Buyer may elect to keep the puppy, and assume all cost for its care. If Buyer chooses to return the puppy, a full refund will be awarded once Seller receives the veterinarian’s statement regarding puppy’s health. Buyer is responsible for any and all medical expenses. Return will be at Buyer’s expense.  Buyer is expected to properly socialize and expose puppy to situations to develop a sound temperament. The first two years are especially important. If puppy does not attend obedience classes as well as puppy kindergarten, any temperament guarantee is null and void. It is important for puppy to learn who is the leader and to be socialized with other puppies as well as people.  If within 25 months of age, the puppy develops any eye defects, hip dysplasia, or any other inheritable or genetic defect, which would prevent it from enjoying a reasonable and normal life, the Seller will replace the puppy with a comparable puppy in the Seller’s next litter. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Before any guarantees will be honored, buyer must provide Seller with a veterinarian statement on veterinarian’s letterhead, stating the health condition and the genetic origin of health condition, as well as prescribed treatment routine. The Seller reserves the right to have a second veterinarian of Seller’s choice evaluate the dog’s condition at Seller’s expense before any guarantee is honored, except in the case of OFA evaluated hip xrays or CERF eye results.  The Buyer certifies that the puppy will live with the Buyer, and be confined to a fenced yard, or other agreed arrangement, and will have adequate exercise, nutritious food, and water. The Buyer also certifies that dog will receive all necessary health care, puppy shots, rabies, yearly vaccinations, heart worm prevention, along with annual exam by licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so will void any guarantees included in this contract.  The Buyer agrees that the Seller shall repossess pet immediately upon evidence of neglect, endangerment, and or abuse at no expense to Seller.  If for any reason, Buyer is unable to care for pet, Seller will assist Buyer in finding a new home for pet.  Contract is non-transferable. Should Buyer relinquish ownership in the puppy for any reason, this contract is null and void.  If the buyer asks Seller to arrange transportation, or if buyer arranges to have puppy transported, buyer agrees to assume all responsibility and liability for the puppy’s safety and care. Once seller turns over puppy to the airline or transporter, Seller bears no responsibility or liability for the health or safety of the puppy.

By signing this contract, you consent to allow seller to use any photo images for marketing purposes. You are also agreeing not to register the puppy with any other registry than AKC.

Please feel free to call or text 979-557-3101