Bluebonnet Miniature American Shepherds

Will my puppy get along with my other pets?

Which way did it go???

Are you SURE they will get along with cats? Pretty sure!

Dad won’t give me any watermelon!

This is our very laid back Sire, “BLUE”. Gentle and beautiful soul he passes on to his babies.

Are they easy to train? (If a seven year old can do it…)

I love this working out thing!!!

Boing, boing, boing, boing!!!

Gotta share!

Be my, be my, be my little baby! Oh, oh, oh, oh…

Where did the rest of my cookie go???


No running at the pool!!!

I love going on adventures with my Mom.

Can they learn sign language?

Patio fun!

Super good sign language! Good boy baby Tucker!


“I don’t know if I will like puppy kisses”

Best friends


Crunch Crunch Crunch!!!

“ I feel so lucky to have him. He is my everything!”

Fire truck!

I’m not scared!!!

You’re snorting!!!

Welcome home puppy! SWEETEST VIDEO EVER!

I hope he doesn’t notice I am stealing all his toys!😂

More sign language.

Pool fun!

Please play with me!!!